The Heart Doesn’t Care About What The Head Knows

The Heart Doesn’t Care About What The Head Knows

My body is making a new shape

although I carry the past with me.

I morph toward what’s next.

I — oh — what is that shape?

I move my whole body down.

I sit my butt between my hips

without touching the ground.

I perch like the animal I am.

I stretch out the day & turn it how I want it—

make it more interesting.

I stop crying for what isn’t coming with me:

you — you who still walk the earth —

that laugh I only had for your words —

Oh—I want that laugh back: full throttle

& lit by the afternoon sunlight

coming through the window. I love that laugh.

I sit on my haunches—haunches—haunches—

I am haughty & sad, low & ready.

I prepare myself for a new laugh

right next to a beginning. It whispers joy.

Oh Joy: I am coming for you —

I stretch my hips out; I’m ready to move.




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