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Oh, blog of mine, it has been so long. I hate visiting blogs I used to love and seeing the same old post. I am pretty sure that no one is visiting my blog in this manner. I do know, though, that there are new visitors thanks to the website I regularly blog for now. I have been writing about our learning disabilities journey for ParentMap for almost a year now. The gig is great, but it means I don’t always get to this blog, my first blog, the one that took a lot of nerve to begin.

So here’s to amending my ways. I’m not even sure what I’ll write about here, but I will write more regularly. I’m hoping I can post some of my ParentMap blogs here since they are about the topic I wrote most about here: Annie and her learning disabilities and how I have learned to cope with this journey.

I’m wondering how to catch my readers up on the past 3+ months, and how to begin this blog again. Maybe all I can do is tell you where I am at right now: relieved to be writing blogs again after a 4-week break. Part of me always thinks a break from my writing life will be good, that I can focus more on the kids and reading books and relaxing. The opposite is always true. By not feeding my writer brain it’s harder to be present everywhere else. Even though typing often makes my neck, shoulders, back, heck, my entire body sore, it lightens up my entire being, too. So while I had some great, relaxing, family-centered moments at the pool, at my parent’s house in Minnesota, at the zoo, and at the lake, mostly my body has been coiling up in post-writer syndrome.

Perhaps this sounds ridiculous if you are not a writer. But, as my friend Astrid (the meditation expert) said about me, when I am in my writing zone, it is exactly like my meditation zone. I breather deeper and feel completely at home in my body when I am in my Zen writing mode. So now that I am not with my kids almost every minute of their waking hours (3 weeks!), I find myself slowly unwinding into that home place: my writing mind.

That’s all for now. I just wanted you to know where I have been: check out my blog at ParentMap! I will be here again soon when I have more to say. Check back soon. And hello again.





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    1. Hi Lisbeth! Thanks for reading. If you have questions about my books, shoot me an email on Facebook. I’d love to share my knowledge! And I have a stack of books for sale for $10 each, plus postage!

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