Is It Raining Where You Are?

Discovery Park

Lately it’s raining people here. As in I am meeting with so many people as I explore where I am at and where I’d like to be eventually. I’m here to tell you that people are gracious in their sharing. That asking how they got where they are is a nice question. And that I love their stories.

Ah, I’m lucky. Lucky that I decided to find the space needed to really answer how I got where I am and what I’d like to be doing next. I do know that I love blogging. So I’m sharing my good mood here.

I might as well share some words that came out of my raining people experiences. In attempts to listen to myself, I keep asking myself what do I want. I want many things, but here’ s part of what I want today:

I want to own my power.

Stand on one side of my own teeter-totter, jump up & down &

then smash myself into orbit—

I want to own my strong center, part-heart-part-soul-

so much orange  and blue and green and gold and red.

I stand on my red legs and I howl at the moon.

Hey moon, do you hear me moon?

I’m coming for you.

For honestly I fall any (way) into sleeping, such wicked

flying nightmares, my logical sideways torture (it’s only a dream)

I sink into my down-open promises.

Oh, woman—flesh-moonlight-smooth-woman—

take what you want and dive in.



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