Jun 15



Do you know how lucky I feel? On a day like today when we’re celebrating endings and the sun shines, I know I have it all. Because who else gets to watch you sporting striped pants with confidence?

So often, I write to get out of a downward spiral. I forget to note the goodness. The emails I get from educators that let me know they see my kids. Or how one of those kids has learned the fine art of apologizing (in no small part because I had to learn it first). As I sit and listen to Bastille’s lead singer sing about flaws, I marvel at how life is showing me how to finish what I started. With joy, as often as possible.

It’s Friday and my eldest is finishing her finals while my youngest is enjoying summer break already. I’m over-caffeinated and happy. I hope you are good, too.



  1. daniel

    insert heart emoji here

    1. Nancy Schatz Alton

      indeed, my heart is happy!

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