Making Something Out of Nothing

Photo by Giovanni Adavelli

Making Something Out of Nothing   by Nancy Schatz Alton

you, clutching your rifle in thin fall snow,
are an instrument of some vital love
. –Emily Van Kley


I feel not so vital lately even as the world proves me wrong:

bylines, loving daughters, a husband who makes me breakfast

the way I pull words out of the air and hand them to my students

saying, hey, look: you created beauty so easily right there on the page.


Bylines, loving daughters, a husband who stays and stays

even as my energy surges like a too-bright comet approaching old age

says, hey, look, you created beauty that fell out of your womb and into your life

your next gifts: chin hairs, a thick middle, an invisibility cloak & dark dreams.


Yet my energy surges, so bright with the promise of approaching old age

grab it & be glad, what never arrives for some is mine for the taking

love the pluck/pull of tweezers, my soft middle, invisibility & dark dreams

alongside my morning coffee & time to be as vital as the day allows, I begin again.


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