No time like the present

Why not join a movement after its apex? I’ve thought of 21 reasons not to blog. Meanwhile, it’s a normal part of conversation to say, “Oh, yeah, I have a blog. Like, of course, I update every Tuesday, don’t you?”

Perhaps I picked this Wednesday to start because I am tired of checking my favorite blogs to see if they have new updates. Maybe it’s because my ancient 7-year-old points out my computer addiction at least once a day. Probably it’s because my youngest turns 5 today and my husband laughed when I gave her a butterfly mobile for a gift. As in, she isn’t a baby, so why did you give her a present perfect for a newborn?

Wait, I have an answer for that question. It’s guilt. It’s the remodel. It’s Pottery Barn envy. Why else were KK and I roaming the pricey outdoor mall the day after Christmas? I could blame it on the “birthday right after Xmas syndrome.” You know, what could any person possibly need right after Giftfest 2009?

The truth is, I never decorated the girls bedrooms in typical baby fashion. I rebelled against all that. KK got a room decorated with Northwest Bookfest posters, exactly how I would have wanted my room decorated when I was a baby. You know, if I could go back and relive my first few years. Annie’s corner of the tiny room was decorated in anti-attachment parenting fashion, as in, here’s a crib, welcome to the planet. Because we planned on sleeping during your babyhood.

So we’ve slipped into the next stage just as I have mastered spoon-feeding a 4-year-old. Wait, both girls can dress themselves, let’s pick out the one item I can afford at Pottery Barn. It’s on sale, and we are remodeling the house. We are comfortably trapped at the mother-in-law’s giant house, dreaming of moving home. It will be decorated perfectly. Or at least with the help of a professional decorator. KK swore anyone would love this mobile, at least if they aren’t a boy. So here’s your birthday present, baby girl. And your first mention on mama’s new website. Welcome to year five. May it be your best year yet.

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