I read the news while I should be writing. As in social media and NYT’s and texts from friends. It’s how I find out a poet who I don’t know, that’s how I find out Anya Silver died. As I find out she died, I read a poem of hers. And I love it. And […]

Learning to Be Quiet

Learning to Be Quiet by Nancy Schatz Alton Silence is not my first language. I fill all the spaces up with words. Especially when I’m nervous. Talk is not my daughter’s first language. She speaks with her eyes, her face, her singing voice, her silence. A teacher tells me she is the quietest student he […]


Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace The word sits in front of my work desk, pushing me to offer myself the grace that I extend others. Already the day heats up. News from Liz’s choir director, sad my gifted singer is opting for swimming instead of the stress of a large group choir. Minutes later the […]

This Heart

My heart wants what it wants. On summer mornings, it purrs in the light from the living room window. Can’t these long days go on forever? The ones where we walk home as the light wanes and the flower color begins to pop thanks to the dark slowing spreading into the sky. Still, my heart […]

Passing Praise

Passing Praise  by Nancy Schatz Alton Right now the quiet is beloved, the coffee warm. The mess is all still life: shoes, Sawzall, empty bags and a hairbrush. There’s nothing to make sense of, my world is well enough: the last few years of hardship have leveled off & turned into good news that’s not […]

The Miracle

This not knowing is as uncomfortable as the vinyl seats in my car on a 90-degree day. I’ve just spent a few hours with my mother-in-law. I’m driving home, back to my holy house, and only my dog is home. My husband is hunting gooey ducks, my eldest is camping with friends, my youngest is […]