Pushing Forward

Lately I‘m pushing forward toward what I want to be doing more of in my life. I don’t think I realized how vulnerable that would make me feel. I guess maybe that’s why some people say it’s easier to not follow your passion for work. I mean I know this. I know following writing where it leads has already made me feel vulnerable again and again.

But the pay-offs are so great. When I’m leading my new Wednesday night class, I’m in my groove. Marketing that class makes me feel vulnerable. But how I feel during and after class: ah, perhaps it’s worth the vulnerability.

And I know teaching this class won’t be bliss after bliss. After 5 years of teaching writing to kids, there are hard quarters and hard moments. But there’s so much that keeps me keeping on with the task of teaching kids writing.

Teaching this writing class isn’t the only new task on my plate, and I’m sure that’s also why I have to remind myself to breathe some days. Yet I also know countless people are out there doing what I am doing: new tasks that make us feel vulnerable. But then the bliss hits from the new task or we get down time and rest, the new tasks feel valuable and worth the strife.

This is what I am thinking about today, and I can’t share anymore because my teaching day is asking me to sharpen pencils, stat.

Have a good Friday!

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