Restless Creatures

Restless creatures  by Nancy Schatz Alton

So long I love you

Long I love you

We love & love & love

We leave

I meet your spark

I spark you spark

We spark

We love in the moment between moments

It was only a moment

It was a year

Or years

Or 90 minutes

Within a frame of time

That frame

Those sparks

This restless creature rested within you

Your spark

The drum & pace & meter

Our song was something

My breath reached across

& in & down

Until it met yours

Matched your breath

We were an aria

Do you remember

The way the night lit her constellations

For us?

How we listened to our girls sing together

How we hold that between us

We always are each other’s

You & I

And still we reach into this grand universe

For more

More singing

Underneath these stars

More love

So long I love you

Long I love you



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