The Daily Posting Continues…

I can’t log onto Facebook. I’ve managed to get myself locked out due to using two-factor identification and not being patient while waiting for passwords.

This is a good thing.

I had already started limiting my time to using it for work and no longer logging on after work or on weekends. But I wasn’t really using it for work. I mean I was, but I was also using it to see what was going on. Even though I had already realized I was much happier severely limiting Facebook time to one to five quick check-ins per work day, the craving to go on and make connection and learn information about other people was still strong.

Now I am locked out. This is a good thing.

It’s making me think about the people I see the most of on Facebook. I’m realizing their voices are strong in my brain even if I rarely see them. This can be a good or bad. Really, it just is, as my brother Mike says. I can attach meaning to it any way I want.

All I know is that what you pay attention to grows. What I take in matters. Like so many people, I have stepped far away from the 24-hour news cycle. I find fear is available everywhere I turn lately. Oh, that does not help me function. I am trying to protect my sensitive self, so I can continue to keep my center strong.

Now that I am locked out of Facebook, it is giving me pause. Who do I want to talk to in other ways? There are friends who I love hearing from and I wonder how we could connect in other ways. Do I spend my time culling my list to 25 people I want to hear from? Do I never go back on? Ah, I am not going to spend much time on this, there is no need to decide anything right now. But I am thankful that I am thinking about the people I usually hear from on Facebook. They are in my head even if I’m not one Facebook. What a powerful tool! Imagine that.

I’m going to fill my brain with other stuff. I already have. I’ve already claimed so many hours of my life back. That’s what I’m thinking about today.

See you tomorrow.

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