Valentine’s Homework

photoLIZDear Parents,

Ms. Williams asked me to let you know that your students will be exchanging Valentines at the Valentine’s Day party next Friday the 13th. Please have your child bring in a Valentine addressed to each person in the class and signed by them. The class list is below. Let Ms. Williams know if you have any questions!


Your Room Parent


Dear Room Parent,

Can you please fill out Valentine’s for my daughter? My daughter is busy with many extra-curricular activities at the moment and I find that we are both stretched thin during these busy winter months.

I understand that every child loves to receive Valentine’s and my child’s personal signature matters. I get that writing helps my child’s brain develop, too. I totally understand that time together coercing my child into writing 25 names is valuable, and is something I’ll look back fondly on when I’m 64.

When my own daughter calls me to curse out this school holiday when her child is in the fourth grade, I’ll tell her it’s not so bad. I’ll remind her that her child is lovely. I’ll tell her that I really enjoyed sitting with her while she painstakingly picked out the right valentine for every classmate. It didn’t matter that this task took three nights, or that we visited three stores to find the perfect valentines. I’m pretty sure I won’t remember my own daughter’s tears of frustration when she ruined her best friend’s perfect valentine with her imperfect writing. If I do remember this, I’ll think what a great parent I was for giving my daughter space for her feelings. I’ll have forgotten any yelling that I partook in. I most certainly did not stomp out of the room, cursing that &*$! Hallmark holiday.

While I’m at it, I might as well admit that I’d like the kids to be served fruit, which they can frost with whipped cream if we can’t let go of the sugar requirement. But I’d prefer organic fruit, and organic whipped cream made with stevia.

Feel free to use my daughter’s nickname when you sign her Valentine cards. We don’t even care if you don’t think about what card matches each child’s personality when you write her 25 classmates’ names on various cards. Heck, feel free to print off name labels and stick those babies on there. But if you want to use your calligraphy pens from college that are gathering dust, well, I have a Starbucks gift card with your name on it. Using homemade cards equal me handing you a box of See’s candies in the pick-up line, for sure.

Thanks so much for taking this tiring task out of my hands. I know being a room parent is a thankless task (I’ve been there, done that). But we appreciate all you do. I’ve enclosed a $10 off coupon for PCC for when you buy the fruit.

I hope to see you at the next PTA meeting. I’ll be in the back and I’ll save you a seat, too.


Mrs. Alton

Dear Mrs. Alton,

I am happy to inform the class that Elizabeth’s mom has chosen to opt out of Valentines this year. I’ll make certain she does not receive any in return.

Thank you so much for offering to bring organic whipped cream and organic fruit for the class! It will definitely need to be locally sourced to support our farms. There are 26 students with varying allergies and aversions. I encourage you to contact each parent individually to ascertain their needs. If the parents are separated or divorced (gasp!), you’ll need to contact both parents.


Your Room Parent




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