Forecast: Stormy Weather

Forecast: Stormy Weather  by Nancy Schatz Alton After the storm, I am calm.   After the storm: I grow tired of writing about the storm.   After the storm, people in the middle of the storm call me.   After the storm: I listen to people in the storm.   After the storm, I know […]

Thoughts Upon Waking

I miss who you used to be even as I marvel at who you are becoming.   This ease of vacation: I’ll miss it.   This telling myself it’s too hard: it isn’t true.   Making myself take one small step after another is enough to do it.   I’ll make sandwiches and string together […]


Decades ago, a friend gave me a bookmark that read: “Stretch yourself for greatness and for height.” (George Chapman, perhaps?) Lately I’ve been stretching myself. I’m not taller. And I think this stretching means I have more deadlines. Which means I’m tired. I’m writing this blog before I turn to more work. Prepping for the […]

The Whole World

Whole World by Hsueh-Feng The whole world is you. Yet you keep thinking there is something else.   Yesterday I made a protective cone around my center of strength and propelled myself through the day. The memory of the last election taught me that I needed a plan. A plan like a salve: self-care so […]