This Is What You Want

This Is What You Want  by Nancy Schatz Alton

The one rectangle of sunlight warming my skin as I type words.

Light memories that brush against

how sunlight freezes within the wounding moment.

To lick my wounds, to hold my ache, to be tender with my tender self.

For the music to move up through the sole of my feet: a physical beast.

A feral beast, fueled & dancing on the beat.

Yet soft, so soft, alone in the studio, teaching to myself.

To hear that genius teacher as she whispers through the wall.

That genius who is found in the spiral, the space between all wants.

Where I am all me, full of wonder at this one lifetime.

Let accumulation wash over me as the music plays.

My voice singing loud enough to reverberate.

Top of head to voice box, green chest, orange belly, red legs.

My feet silver with universal electricity

Pulsing out the rhythm shared by all alive things.

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