Let The Water Run

Let The Water Run  by Nancy Schatz Alton

We made a complete ocean & this is a lie.

We made a creek that dried up in the drought.

You told me what I wanted to hear

until you were tired of talking.

Whenever I forgive myself for my part

I’m forgiving essential elements of myself.

The parts I’d like to drown in that ocean.

The ocean we never made.

We were a creek that dried up the drought.

I’ve made my own creek & I call it a bathtub.

Each night I fill her up, my own sea.

I let all my faults out, let their salts soothe my skin.

We are all human, angry & sad, seemingly alone.

Held up by the people who greet us with love.

Love in their eyes, eyes that hold our whole image.

Let your rage out, they say.

We’ll make a creek with all your angry tears.

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