Riptide  by Nancy Schatz Alton                 Can I be considerate of my bitterness? Can I make my own remedy? Can I be citrus peel? My rush of long feeling overpowers minutes. I’m always stepping back, considering the underbelly of bitter pulling myself apart until I can love whatever gets […]


              Mulch  by Nancy Schatz Alton   Words tear up the trees inside of me. Roots exposed, I reach for tools to tamp down destruction. There’s no beating this sadness down. These old tracks, this sordid tale, leaks calcium from my bones I make a box of love, grief’s […]

Lit Fuel

Lit Fuel  by Nancy Schatz Alton “The dissimilarity of feeling that might underlie the similarities of expression— reading that in Madame Bovary brought to mind the lost art of burning a bridge; so this may be a good time to let you know you’ve been increasingly not on my mind. One life to live is […]

Word Play

It’s been an extra creative week for me as I taught my first Structuring Creativity class. Having one more container for creative play: nice. I think it gave me good energy for my Friday classes. I teach writing to small groups of kids most Fridays. Yesterday, one of my students wrote a poem that really […]

Start Me Up

Start Me Up  by Nancy Schatz Alton “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love.” -Anton Chekhov I’m in love with the way the cottonwood trees make lines: planted perfectly a grid that mimics the drum beat that kickstarts my heart pulses my blood alive! alive! alive! sky spits rain-snow, snow-rain, sleet muck March […]


Bliss  by Nancy Schatz Alton I step into the space I make it soothing, sacred liminal a place to linger, listen spiral & breathe I breathe here becoming who I once was I read in reading my words the world is a stage it’s calling me back my girl who yearns to perform to hold […]

My Voice

My Voice*  by Nancy Schatz Alton “Rhythm is the heartbeat of the world.” -Randy Ford   My voice is the dance in the song of this life. I write down my voice in words. But when I read my words: they explode. They find their place in the universe of us. Of all of us. […]

Sword Fern

Sword Fern  by Nancy Schatz Alton I am shimmering toward newness swept full green into the unknown body. I am no longer my old self. If you were here sunlight would change how you see me. I’m brighter now I mean I’m still bogged down by life’s expiration date dark as they come with dyed […]

Ice-Skating Lessons

Ice-Skating Lessons  by Nancy Schatz Alton One of the twelve truths I can explain is how her bangs* wouldn’t feather the right way her hairs always fell back to rest in a straight line above brown glasses. Her feather-light tresses fell straight down her glasses made a gateway for her ears that always listened for […]